Ranked in the Top 1%
of Lawyers in the United States

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Ranked in the Top 1%
of Lawyers in the United States

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9 Reasons Why Beverly Law Has Settled
Over $100 Million in Cases:

Cash Advances

We get cash advances for our clients on their case.

Trained by a Federal Judge

Our lawyers are experienced and have worked for federal judges.


We help you find transportation to your doctor’s appointments.

$0 Upfront Cost Medical Treatment

Our team will connect you with medical offices that require no upfront costs for treatment

$0 Upfront Cost Attorney Services

It is our gurantee that you don't pay until we WIN. We will not ask you for upfront payment for our services.

Property Damage and Lost Wages

We will help you recover lost wages and repair or replace your car free of charge.

Top 1% of Lawyers

Our lawyers are recognized in the top 1% of lawyers in the United States.

Represented companies over $3 Billion dollars

Our Lawyers have represented some of the largest corporations in the world and understand how they think.

Insurance adjusters work for us!

Our Firm has hired former insurance adjusters from all the major insurance companies o we can use their knowledge to our advantage to better represent our clients. This is a unique strategy that most firms don't employ.

Areas of Expertise

Uber Accidents

Lyft Accidents

Truck Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Slip & Fall

Car Accidents

Why Beverly Law?

Michael is a Southern California Rising Star and has been recognized on the Southern California Super Lawyers list since 2015, a distinction only the top 1% of lawyers in the United States receive.

Our lawyers worked for Federal Judges and have an understanding of the law and cases that heavily reflects the mindset of a judge giving our clients an edge when they go to trial.